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How Are You Staying Inspired?

We asked Rose Stratton, a mother of two boys, wife of thirteen years, and the co-owner of Esteem Jiujitsu…

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I Am…

For the last six months or so, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I am (pun intended), determined to figure out what makes me tick. Funny, huh?

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From The Mud We Rise

As a kid I hated change because it happened so often. My Mom was an alcoholic and life was a little rough, to say the least. At age nine, my parents got divorced…

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Perfect Imperfections

I’m too curvy! My butt is too small! My hair is too thin! I have stretch marks on my stomach. This is just an example of the negative thoughts that can go through our minds on a regular basis…

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Body Awareness Through The Art Of Yoga

I went into my first yoga class thinking it was going to be all about working on our flexibility, balance, and overall body strength, but I was wrong – it was way more than that.

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Do What You Love and The Results Will Be a Side Effect

There is an old saying – “Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do”. Most people refer to this when it comes to their career choices, but you should also apply…

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