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5 New Shows on Netflix That We LOVE

We are loving all the new Netflix releases over the past few months and want to share a few of our favorite picks! From unconventional wellness practices to our favorite gal-pal adventures to babies’ brains, here are 5 new shows on Netflix that we LOVE. 

Babies Docuseries on Netflix


Witness the evolution of humanity via its cuddliest creatures in a docuseries that explores the science behind the first year of life. netflix

Next in Fashion on Netflix

Next in Fashion

Fun-loving duo Tran France and Alexa Chung host this fresh take on fashion competition as seasoned designers vie for a life-changing prize. netflix 

The Goop Lab on Netflix

The Goop Lab

Psychedelics. Cold therapy. Energy work. Gwyneth Paltrow and the goop team take a first-person approach as they explore the frontiers of wellness. netflix

Grace and Frankie Season 6 on Netflix

Grace and Frankie Season 6

New relationships, a new living situation and a new business. Everything’s changing — but Grace and Frankie’s friendship endures. netflix

The Mind Explained on Netflix

The Mind Explained

Want to know how your brain works? From dreaming to anxiety to memories, discover what’s happening inside your head with this mind-blowing series. netflix 


5 New Shows on Netflix That We Love
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