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The Art of Fashion

My name is Hannah and I am a passionate learner of the art of fashion. Welcome to L’Art De La Mode, the space where I will be sharing the pieces I love and the styles that speak to me and help me express who I am or what I am feeling.  believe that fashion is not about the latest trends or who wore what. Fashion is about allowing yourself to feel beautiful, and finding the pieces and styles that are a representation of your inner beauty and who you are.

It is not always easy to represent yourself through fashion, so if you find yourself transitioning through different styles or not having a “look” of your own, don’t worry. Finding your style is a process, and I personally believe it is a process that will always be happening and evolving.

It has taken me a long time to find “my style” and you know what I have learned? That I do not have “a look”, that I like many different pieces and fashions, and that I love being able to have the freedom to change things up if I feel like it. Sometimes I like to wear crazy printed leggings and big sweaters, and sometimes I like to keep it classy with jeans, a silky button down shirt, and a blazer.

The inspiration for this month’s outfit came from my desire to create a high fashion look that was comfortable and also wearable. I began the creation of this look with the coral sweater which I had just received the day before from one of my favorite retailers, Anthropologie! The sweater is very warm as it is made out of wool, yet I did not find it itchy at all. It is substantial and comfortable and I love all the detailing around the sleeves and the collar. The irregular hemline and varying stitch down the front make this piece contemporary while maintaining classic details such as the ribbing and the turtleneck.

Because the oversized sweater is such a classic piece I wanted to combine it with something edgy and stark. You can’t get more edgy than black leather pants! Leather pants have made their way back into contemporary style so they are readily available from many retailers. But I actually got these a few years ago when leather was not all the rage yet. This pair is from H&M and have a lovely soft lining as well as stitching details around the knee and a tuxedo stripe along the side. Just in case you are wondering, no these pants are not real leather. They are what we like to call vegan leather or faux leather.

Most leather pants retailers carry will be faux leather with a few brands offering real leather. There are some really nice faux leathers and then there are ones that will not last very long and will start peeling. So make sure your pair of faux leather pants are a good quality pair that will last. My black leather pants are actual slacks and not leggings which I believe helps with the quality of the stitching and fabric. They have lasted me thus far and I hope will last many more years. Thank you H&M!

Now that I have the foundation pieces of my outfit, it’s time to accessorize! I wanted to add more visual interest to my look and wanted to bring in a little color, so I opted for shiny gold bracelets with a bohemian flair. This simple arm candy adds a chic sophistication to my outfit and melds together the black leather pants and the coral classic sweater. Add a pair of trusty ankle boots from Michael Antonio and I’m set.

And not to forget my favorite accessory, my red Coach purse! I am so in love with this purse and feel so blessed because I got it as a Christmas present. Don’t be afraid to wear a cute purse as an accessory, even if it is a little bright like mine. I happen to love the red contrast with the coral sweater and it also matches my lips!

Altogether this outfit is fun, chic, and contemporary with classic elements. I hope this look inspires you to pair your old items with your new items, and encourages you to combine various styles. Remember to love who you are and love your outfits!



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