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Cozy, Soft, Comfortable

Welcome to The Art of Fashion, the space where I share the pieces I love and the styles that help me express who I am. I believe that fashion is not about the latest trends or who wore what. Fashion is about allowing yourself to feel beautiful, and finding the pieces and styles that are a representation of your inner beauty and who you are.

Featured Brands

  • Ann Taylor – Sweater
  • Mudd – Blouse
  • DIVIDED by H&M – Pants
  • White Mountain – Shoes
  • Robindira Unsworth – Necklace

Cozy, Soft, Comfortable. These are the words I think of when I imagine my fall wardrobe. Cozy fabrics that are soft to the touch, and an amount of comfort that is a must have during these cooler months. This look is cozy, warm and contented with soft textures in various materials, creating a comfortable silhouette perfect for autumn days.

Cozy. When I think of the word “cozy” I think of big oversized sweaters. And there is nothing like a comfy sweater in autumn. A sweater to keep you warm in the cool wind, or to wrap around your body as you sip tea and snuggle on the couch. This Ann Taylor sweater is one of my favorite pieces and boasts a contemporary cut while still being so snuggly and warm.

Soft. The chunky knit sweater is oversized and drapey, the suede shoes are velvety to the touch and cushioned on the inside, and the faux leather pants and chambray blouse lay against the skin comfortably and smoothly. Even the color palette lends to this softness with the use of neutrals and solid fabrics.

Comfort. I appreciate the comfort this outfit represents. Every piece is made from pliable material and is meant to move with the body. Even the shoes are more comfortable than most with a low wedge and padded insole. I find comfort to be something I highly value in my wardrobe in the cooler months. For me, comfort is so much more than just one feeling. It drives so many other positive feelings that bring me joy. When I am comfortable, I am peaceful, less anxious, and feel like I enter a mental state where I can appreciate my surroundings and live in the moment.

Cozy, Soft, Comfort. These textures allow me to express the things I love most about fall, taking life a little slower, appreciating the people around me, and wearing pieces that bring my inner self to life. Happy Fall!


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