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It’s a New Year

It’s a new year!…which means it is time to bring some color and a pop of fun into your wardrobe. Our fashionista and Target shopping specialist, Anh Dao Tovar, is bringing back the 90s in a more sophisticated style. Remember the jumpers and overalls that used to be popular? Well, these looks are back with a vengeance! But don’t worry, you can wear these pieces in today’s contemporary world and still be right on trend(e).

Anh Dao’s outfit is pure sophistication. The lush red of her simple turtleneck blouse adds a classic twist to her bright floral printed jumper. The black tights and boots create a mellow backdrop for her dress taking this look from casual to chic and put-together. Timeless pearls in a contemporary design finish off this look with elegance thanks to Anh Dao’s oversized ring and double sided earrings. Anh Dao’s outfit and earrings were purchased at Target and cost under $50!

TOTAL = $46.1

All of Anh Dao’s items were purchased on clearance at Target with the exception of her oversized ring which was purchased from a different department store. Anh Dao also used the Cartwheel by Target App for extra savings on her dress! For more savings tips, read Anh Dao’s very first personal shopping tip below! Don’t forget to check out the Target Item Of The Month, our featured fashion piece from this month’s blog post that is currently available for purchase at Target.


Never miss a deal when visiting Target by creating a route and sticking to it! For example, I typically like to start in the jewelry department, work my way to the PJs section, then move to the apparel department, and so forth. Having one consistent route allows for an organized shopping experience, while catching all the money saving deals. Happy saving!

-Anh Dao

Click* on the photos below to purchase your very own Trendeing with Anh Dao items from Target.

Target Item of the Month

Corduroy Dress


on clearance

 Red Blouse Red Blouse  Tights & Boots Tights & Boots  Earrings Earrings



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