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Welcome to The Art of Fashion, the space where I share the pieces I love and the styles that help me express who I am. I believe that fashion is not about the latest trends or who wore what. Fashion is about allowing yourself to feel beautiful, and finding the pieces and styles that are a representation of your inner beauty and who you are.

Featured Brands

  • PINK by Victoria’s Secret – One Piece Swimsuit
  • Tokyo Darling – Long Kimono
  • Michael Stars – Sarong
  • Tokyo Darling – Plaid Shirt
  • Old Navy – Hat
  • H&M – Bracelets & Earrings

In honor of our #BeLOVED campaign this month’s photo shoot is makeup free!

I love summer. Every year I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive. I pull out the delicate dresses that have been stored at the back of my closet, I plan family get-togethers, and I enjoy new experiences while traveling either abroad or stateside. And of course, I love going to the beach! Which is why this month’s looks are all about beachwear, specifically, the coverup.

I enjoy wearing many different kinds of coverups, from oversized shirts to sheer maxi dresses. I like having a couple of options available in my wardrobe so I can choose the coverup that matches my mood, the weather, and my design preference for the day. The three coverups featured here are all uniquely different. With various cuts and fabrics each one carries its own style and comfort.

Coverup No. 1: I am in love with everything about this beach look! From the one piece swimsuit to the oversized kimono, to me this is pure comfort. The slits in the side of the kimono give this coverup extra movement and the large geometric print keeps the piece fun and casual. Another wonderful aspect of this kimono (which is a shared feature of all three coverups) is that it does not just have to be worn at the beach!

When I purchased this kimono it was not being sold as a coverup, it was being modeled as everyday wear, making this piece not only beautiful but also versatile.

Coverup No. 2: This coverup is one of my new favorite pieces. And guess what? I got it in my FabFitFun box! FabFitFun is a quarterly beauty box I subscribe to and I love it! To find out more about FabFitFun and to get $20 off your first box click here. This scarf/sarong is perfect for the beach or everyday wear. I found it to be very comfortable with just the right amount of coverage when I wore it as a shawl, and it was so easy to turn into a sarong.


This piece is specially designed to be worn in many different ways and is constructed out of soft Viscose, making it durable while also being flowy and maneuverable.

Coverup No. 3: I didn’t know how much I liked this coverup until I put it on. I wanted to use an article of clothing that almost everyone has in their closet, like a button-down shirt. Button-downs are so versatile! Using a button-down as a coverup allows for a multitude of style options. The coverup can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned, the sleeves can be rolled up or down, and you can tie the shirt around your waist for a little extra coverage. This look is casual, comfortable, and chic. If you are still searching for the perfect summer coverup, shop your closet and see what button-down options you might already have.

Sometimes beachwear can be a little intimidating. Pieces usually cover less which means our bodies are not as hidden, and many times this leads to us criticizing ourselves and practicing self-hate instead of self-love. I want to encourage all of us to embrace our bodies. To not be ashamed of how we look, and to not worry about what other people will think of us when we wear our swimsuits. Your beachwear should make you feel beautiful about yourself, it should express your personality not someone else’s. I hope that these three coverup ideas will inspire you to search out your perfect poolside pieces. That you will feel beautiful bearing your skin, no matter age, weight, height, or size.

You are beautiful.



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