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Queer Eye: The Best Makeover Show on TV

Amidst the seemingly infinite hours of reality television, where we are captivated by celebrities, bridezillas, irregular habits, and people who we are encouraged to believe are simply not good enough, we find Queer Eye; The Netflix original show that has overtaken the world with its inspiring nature and meaningful content.

Similar in many ways to its predecessor Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and closely related in style to other makeover shows, Queer Eye branches off into its own territory by combining the popular makeover genre with the inspirational message of “you are good enough.” Contrary to most makeover shows where the hosts come and nearly humiliate the reluctant participants, The Fab 5 have a completely different take on what it means to be “madeover.”

Instead of trying to create a new persona or change the participant in an attempt to make them better, Queer Eye is about celebrating individuality. Every episode overflows with kind intentions and human caring as The Fab 5 help people find new ways to express themselves and love themselves in every area of their lives. And season three is no exception.

Episode 1

“We gave her the space to tell us who she wanted to be, so she could radiate who she is.” – Tan

In episode one of season three we see Jody, a woman who struggles with the desire to be more feminine. Instead of the team giving Jody ruffles, flowers, and other stereotypical “feminine” aesthetics, Karamo brings Jody to an empowering diverse group of women so she can see that “feminine” looks different for everyone. Jody ultimately discovers that being “feminine” is just being herself. Instead of agreeing with Jody’s perspective of herself as not being feminine enough, The Fab 5 encouraged her to love herself for who she is, that she does not have to look a certain way or like certain things to feel like a woman. Because being a woman looks different for everyone. 

In season three episode 2, we meet Joey, a divorced parent who lives with the guilt of everything he gave up, but learns that it is not too late.

“He’s felt like he is not worthy, but he deserves the best out of life.” – Karamo

At the end of the episode we see a genuine transformation in Joey, as he goes from feeling guilty and undeserving, to knowing that he is worthy of love and goodness in his life, “I’m grateful that you met me where I was, instead of trying to take me.” We find that It’s not about changing you, it’s about being you. 

Jones Sisters

In season three episode three we meet the Jones sisters, two of the few female pit masters in Kansas City, running a successful BBQ joint and too busy to care for themselves.

We see The Fab 5 work outside the box to help make it easier and simpler for the Jones sisters to take time for themselves while also accelerating their business. We witness what it looks like when someone sees so much good and beauty in you, that you start to believe them until you see your value.

“Because we’ve got to love ourselves in order to love other people.” – Jonathan

And the list goes on and on, with every episode impacting another life, another family, another community.

And the impact doesn’t end there.

We as viewers get to not only witness the inspirational messages that come to life in front of us, we get to receive those for ourselves if we are willing. Every time we see Karamo help someone break down their barriers, we get a little bit closer to being ok with breaking down our own. Every time we hear Jonathan acknowledge and encourage someone’s unique style, we get a little closer to being ok with not having to look like everyone else. And every time we hear The Fab 5 speak about loving ourselves now, just as we are, we get a little closer to believing that we can do that too.

In a world where we are bombarded with advertising and programming telling us that we are not enough, taking the time to watch a show that encourages us to not be afraid of ourselves and to choose love over judgement, is believing that we are worthy…and believing that others are worthy too.

To Queer Eye. The best makeover show on TV.


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