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Warm Apple Cider with Maple and Bourbon

I’m snapping the reins and leading us into everyone’s favorite season: autumn! It’s a time of year where wool sweaters are unearthed from the depths of closets…

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Uncorked: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Wine Tasting

Let’s be honest about our relationships with wine. On the one hand, it can be a scrumptious treat, a delectable delicacy: it can be a savory sip that you desire when you’re dining…

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Vibrant, Vintage, and Thriving

Recently, I was shopping at Sephora when two teenagers stopped me. They both smiled nervously as if rethinking their approach, but barreled through their nervousness to compliment me on my outfit…

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The Good Old Fashioned Way

This boozy beverage will put a sweet spin on an age-old classic and requires some courage on your part: to experiment with whiskey…

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For The Love of Lemons

With the arrival of summer, I’ve concluded that a fresh and easy way to feel cool and collected in the blossoming heat is to utilize my favorite citrus in a bubbly and breezy beverage: the French 75…

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Once Upon a Red

During my decade-long search for the best rouge to bring out my inner rogue, I’ve found five reliable and ravishing companies with vegan reds that step up any look…

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