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10 Encouraging Quotes to Start Your Day

While some of us are able to maintain equilibrium during quarantine, many of us need words of encouragement to find a sense of respite amidst the chaos.

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7 Ways to Overcome Fear and Find Authentic Connection

Our brains have become accustomed to the short-term feedback loops of “likes,” notifications, and text messages — but these cannot satisfy our fundamental need for authentic connection…

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Resilient: We Are Perfectly and Brilliantly Enough

Today I noticed resilience. The kind that heroes are made of. The kind that goes unnoticed unless one takes time to look closely—to see deeply…

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Human Connection: Why It’s Worth the Risk

I sat alone at the local library, intently contemplating what to write about human connection, only to be interrupted by just that—

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Loving Your Body When You’re Chronically Ill

For me, and for many people I know, loving my body and taking care of myself has always been a difficult thing. As humans, we are extremely complex and it takes a lot of hard work…

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