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Our Festive Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a time of food, family, sharing, and gratitude. This Thanksgiving, our Trendeing team celebrated the season with a bountiful feast and festive decor complete with a winter garland centerpiece and homemade Sangria. We hope these seasonal recipes and our Thanksgiving table setting inspires your culinary skills and DIY decorating. Click on the images below for our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Table: Every Thanksgiving table needs a festive fall centerpiece. This centerpiece is made of mostly natural materials, such as pomegranates, apples and fresh garland. We love this neutral palette which uses white as the main color with layers of fall hues for depth and contrast. We kept each place setting simple with white plates and napkins, silver flatware, and clear glasses. This keeps our setting clean and fresh even when the table starts filling up with platters of food.

The Beverages: Special Holidays mean special beverages! We served two of our signature drink recipes as well as our favorite beer and wines! Our Holiday Spiced Sangria (pictured above) is our favorite festive cocktail with dark rich colors, fresh fruit flavors, and just the right amount of spice. Lagunitas IPA, Robledo Red Blend, and Battaglini Old Vine Zinfandel paired perfectly with our flavorful dishes and were served with dinner. Our Warm Apple Cider with Maple and Bourbon finished off the evening accompanying our signature dessert.

The Sides: For some of us, Thanksgiving dinner is all about the sides. We went all out on our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes with fresh herbs, colorful veggies, and homemade stuffing. Click here to see our favorite Thanksgiving salad.

The Main Dish: This Pastry Wrapped Beet Holiday Roast is beautiful and delicious! Finding a plant-based Thanksgiving main course can be difficult, which is why we created a brand new main dish recipe for this Thanksgiving! This warm and savory roast is filled with our favorite Thanksgiving herbs such as dried thyme and fresh sage, and is satisfying and hearty with beets and lentils.

The Dessert: Thanksgiving would not be complete without delicious pumpkin pie! This plant-based Pumpkin Pie recipe uses coconut cream and maple syrup making this pie light, creamy, and decadent without being too sweet. Serve with our signature hot drink Maple Cinnamon Apple Cider for an after dinner match made in heaven.

We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with bountiful food and warm flavors, sweet drinks, and yummy dessert, and most of all we hope your Thanksgiving is filled with those you love the most. This Thanksgiving let us remember to count our blessings and live each moment to the fullest.



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