Our Must Listen to Fall Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music


As we pull out our cinnamon spice candles, collect pine cones for our mantles, carve pumpkins, and start donning our most festive fall attire, let us remember to set the atmosphere with some seasonal music! Whether you are commuting to work, or on your way to the pumpkin patch, or you need some hype music before you spend an entire day with your family, this playlist is for you.

This eclectic list of songs encompasses everything from Vivaldi to Ella Fitzgerald to Smashing Pumpkins to Alison Krauss to Drake. These songs are helping me fall into the spirit of endless days ahead of feeling cold, and walking out of work at five o’clock and never getting used to the fact that the sun just went away and didn’t say goodbye.

But in the midst of colder, and visually darker days, the stars will shine brighter, the moon is ready to build its relationship with you, and your Sherlock Holmes novel is just waiting for you to pull it off the shelf and get into the spooky spirit of fall.

So cozy on up to your cat (or pillow of choice), grab your favorite warm drink, and enjoy!

Click to listen to our playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.