stories of women and men who are changing their own lives and the lives of the people around them.

INSPIRE: Teresa Goines

Teresa Goines is our amazing INSPIRE model for August! Teresa is the founder and CEO of Old Skool Cafe, a youth run supper club in San Francisco which provides a second chance at life for at-risk youth coming out of incarceration and foster care. Teresa shares her journey of opening the restaurant and how her work with these young men and women has become her passion. 

The 10 outfits for August are elegant with a splash of femininity, boasting lace details, peep toe pumps, and fitted silhouettes.

10 Pieces

Jean Dress . Jeans . Skirt . Jacket . Lace Blouse . Gray Blouse . Black Blouse . Scarf . Pumps . Boots



INSPIRE: Operation Valentine’s Day

Operation Valentine’s Day started in 2012 with two women and a couple Post-it notes. Operation Valentine’s Day is a community event where women and men go out to their cities…

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INSPIRE: Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is an organization that brings together creators and consumers, connecting us with the women and men who make our clothes…

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INSPIRE: Shauna Robertson

Shauna Robertson is a style influencer and the founder of the popular fashion blog Chic Over 50. Shauna began her career as an influencer two years ago…

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INSPIRE: John Maher

Eleven years ago John Maher (a.k.a Petaluma Pete) found himself 40 miles north of San Francisco in the historic town of Petaluma…

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INSPIRE: Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton is a social media influencer with the goal of encouraging 1,000,000 people before she turns 50. Julie’s journey of becoming an encouraging voice was not an easy one…

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INSPIRE: Josh White

Josh White is a pastor in San Francisco and the author of Makers & Monsters, a book about fighting your inner critic and finding your inner artist. Josh’s message comes from his own life experience…

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For 29 years COTS has been serving the community through programs and services that bring aid to those experiencing homelessness…

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INSPIRE: Jana Contreras

Jana Contreras is an overcomer. A professional photographer and world traveler, Jana has lived a different life than most, enduring multiple health difficulties… 

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INSPIRE: Together We Are Strong

Late Sunday night, on October 8th, fires raced through the Northern California landscape causing thousands of families to lose their homes…

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