Em Rossi is a Singer-Songwriter whose passion in life is music. Em began professionally recording her music when she was 14 years old, and continues this journey today with the courage to be vulnerable in her lyrics and heartfelt in her voice. Em's journey has been touched by grief and loss, yet filled with determination, love, and hope. Em is a fighter and a dreamcatcher. As she shares her passion with the world she reminds us to never give up, and that the risk is worth it. 

Em's 10 outfits are fresh and stylish, a compilation of some of her favorite pieces. We hope these looks inspire you to embrace comfort and simplicity in your wardrobe. 

Visit Em's website to listen to her music and follow her on social media. 

10 Pieces: Pink Lace Dress . Striped Dress . Blue Jeans . Black Jeans . Pink Jacket . Sleeveless Blouse . Printed Blouse . White Blouse . Black Shoes . Sandals



INSPIRE is a monthly editorial highlighting inspiring women and men in the community with fashion as its backdrop. Be inspired and watch the stories of women and men who are changing their own lives as well as the lives of the people around them. In this editorial the fashion highlight shines upon 10 different outfits created with just 10 fashion pieces, stimulating creativity and simplicity.