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Spring Into Summer

Sophisticated, daring, and full of polka dots and flowers, this outfit is ready for summertime fun. Print on print is the highlight of this look, accented with gold and colored in peach and blue. #springintosummer

The polka dot joggers and flower print crop top are casual and trendy, colorful and eye-catching. This outfit is comfortable chic with loose flowing fabrics that are soft on the skin and easy to wear. The gold accents of the shoes and bracelets keep the look fun while the unique earrings mimic the flower print blouse. This outfit is a steal with a total just under $50 including shoes and accessories.

  • Floral shirt $5.98
  • Pants $7.48
  • Sandals (not a Target purchase) $12.99
  • Earrings $7.99
  • Beaded bracelet set $12.99

TOTAL = $47.43


Target offers 5% off of your total purchase every time you use either a Target debit card or visa card. If you frequent Target weekly for your household needs, this is a great way to save without thinking about it. It’s also another way to stack your savings (check out May’s blog for more details).

-Anh Dao



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