Trendeing with Anh Dao

fashion on a budget

Dashing Spring

Spring is here! Greenery is popping up here and there, and the fresh scents of flowers fills the air. Let’s celebrate spring with this contemporary and sophisticated look featuring a bold floral print and colorful wedge sandals.

This outfit is all about contemporary class. Each piece uses a classic idea, such as a collard blouse, a zip up jacket, and black trousers, yet each piece is unique in it’s fabric and design. The collard blouse is more casual and made from jean, the jacket is bold and bright with colorful florals, and the trousers are actually jogger pants with a relaxed silhouette. All of these pieces in Anh Dao’s outfit were purchased from Target with the exception of the floral jacket which was an amazing thrift store find!

  • Floral jacket (thrift store) $8.95
  • Jean shirt $7.24
  • Jogger pants $7.24
  • Wedge heels $8.98
  • Front to back earrings $7.99

TOTAL = $40.40


Save up with Target clearance fashion items, but don’t be afraid to splurge on timeless statement pieces that pack a punch for your whole look! Some items I love to splurge on are watches and purses. These accessory staples can really anchor and enhance your ensemble, making any look rich with texture.

-Anh Dao



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