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Top 10 Christmas Music Albums

It’s Christmas time Trenders! Whether you’re sitting at home with your loved ones or getting in some last minute present shopping, there’s sure to be a Christmas album playing in the background alongside your holiday adventures! And if you’re looking for a particular album to get you in the Christmas mood, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top 10 Christmas music album picks for 2017’s season of giving!

Kicking It Old School

  • Bing Crosby’s Merry Christmas (1945)
  • Frank Sinatra’s A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra (1957)

Looking to kick it old-school this Christmas? Then you can’t go wrong with Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra, right? Their soothing baritone voices create such a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a calm evening after a hectic day of shopping.

Rock Around The Christmas Tree

  • Cheap Trick’s Christmas Christmas (2017)
  • Elvis Presley’s Elvis’ Christmas Album (1957)
  • Weezer’s Christmas with Weezer (2008)

Paying homage to the late Brenda Lee with this section’s title, this part of the list looks at three albums that are more rock-n-roll based, in case you feel the need to jam out this season. If you want to stay old school, Elvis’s 1957 Christmas album wouldn’t be a bad choice (Not to mention that it’s the best-selling Christmas album of all time!). But if you want a more modern day rock, be sure to check out these Weezer’s alternative rock renditions of classic Christmas songs. And legendary band Cheap Trick is still going strong with this year’s album Christmas Christmas. Time to bring out the hand horns!

Keep It Popping

  • Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas (1994)
  • Michael Bublé’s Christmas (2011)

Now if you really want a contemporary pop rendition of your favorite Christmas tunes, then look no further. Michael Bublé’s Christmas album is like the second coming of the earlier jazzy classics from Frank Sinatra, so if you want to stick to this style then this is the perfect album. And no one can really deny a song from Mariah Carey during this time of the year, right? I think I hear “All I Want for Christmas is You” in almost every store I walk into during the Christmas Season and it never gets old.

Unique Musical Interpretations

  • Ottmar Liebert’s Poets and Angels (1990)
  • Pentatonix’s A Pentatonix Christmas (2016)
  • The Piano Guys’ Christmas Together (2017)

And to wrap things up, we’re going to look at some really awesome and unique takes on some of our favorite holiday tunes. German Guitarist Ottmar Liebert’s 1990 album Poets and Angels is a really cool interpretation of Christmas songs, mainly featuring a Spanish-style guitar as the focal point of the songs. But if instrumentals aren’t really your thing, then go ahead and check out the YouTube famous Pentatonix and The Piano Guys, two fabulous musical groups that bring the Christmas joy through a cappella and piano!


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