Our Top Vegan Sandals For Summer

With summer now here, I’m exchanging my winter boots for some sandals! One thing that most of my vegan friends tell me is how hard it is to find good quality vegan shoes. Yes, you can technically find vegan shoes at a low cost, but many times these shoes are made in unethical ways and are toxic to the environment. Instead, try investing in good quality vegan shoes. They will be more expensive upfront, but will last you in the long haul, will be better for the environment, and will provide a livable wage to whoever made them. So, keep reading to discover some of the best companies in the business providing ethically made, sustainable vegan shoes.

This first company, Avesu is a vegan shoe company from Berlin, Germany. They have shipping to almost anywhere worldwide and all shoes and accessories are made from ethically sourced, environmentally friendly materials by workers who are treated fairly and with respect. What I like about this company is how transparent they are. You can read all about their production processes and business practices on their website.

Avesu is helping to pave the way for fair and respectful working conditions in factories. And on top of all of that, their shoes are amazing! They offer every type of style you can think of from high heels to hiking boots, to tennis shoes. And they have shoes for men, women, and children. I own a pair of wedges that my mother-in-law (who is from Germany) bought from this company, and seven years later I still have them, and they are in fantastic condition. Shop Avesu for even more options. 

My next recommendation is a website called Moo Shoes. This PETA-approved vegan company is focused on bringing vegan fashion to the mainstream. Once you start browsing this website you can see how trendy their shoes are. They offer a selection ranging from budget conscious quality to handmade designer brands. All of Moo Shoes’ products have been vetted to ensure they meet the standards of cruelty-free sourcing to fair and safe working conditions during production.

This is the Leone Mule from Matt and Nat and it’s simply gorgeous. I love love love the shiny, mirror reflection of the heel paired with the faux leather band of the mule. I can see this paired in so many ways, with jeans and a blazer, with shorts and a classic fitted tee shirt, with a fun floral dress, or with a bathing suit and cover-up. It’s definitely a statement piece, but they will dress up any outfit you can think of for summer. 

Moo Shoes is located in New York and LA. Make sure to check out their website because they carry all types of shoes for women, children, and men for every occasion. Shop Moo Shoes for even more options.

This summer you can rock some serious kicks that are super cute, fashionable, ethically made, and vegan. Make sure to check out these websites and show them some love. Shoes plus internet shopping, living a vegan lifestyle has never been made easier!