The 6 Pieces You Need This Summer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photos by  Jana Contreras Photography

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photos by Jana Contreras Photography

Summer is here! I am loving the warm days and sunshine and getting to bare a little more skin. Over the past couple of months I have been going through my wardrobe and only keeping items I really love. This means that I have less pieces overall, but all pieces I will wear. Through this process I am learning that I do not need a lot of the same types of items, just a few good quality ones. So, in honor of the less is more concept, here is my list of the 6 essential pieces you need in your closet this summer. 

Summer Fashion

1. A Good Pair of Shorts. A good pair of shorts will last you all summer long. When purchasing new shorts make sure they are comfortable for all day wear and that they make you feel beautiful and confident. I love the shorts in this photo shoot because they are high-waisted (my favorite rise) and can be rolled up for a shorter length or rolled down for a little more coverage. 

2. A Well-made Sleeveless Top. A well-made sleeveless top is an investment piece. A well-made sleeveless top should keep its shape, have a good fit, and be thick enough that you can wear it on its own as a blouse. When purchasing a sleeveless top be sure to pick a length that is comfortable for you and a color or print that you can wear with pieces you already own. 

3. A Kimono. Kimonos are a popular piece this summer! I love Kimonos because they can add a fun print or pattern to an otherwise neutral outfit. I also love how they add movement to any outfit with their longer length and light-weight feel. When purchasing a Kimono be sure to pick a style and print that you will love wearing. Kimonos look great with any type of outfit and can even be worn with a dress or as a cover-up for the beach.  

Summer Fashion

4. Sunglasses. Summer is the ultimate time for sunglasses! Whether you are outside in the sun, or driving, sunglasses are an essential summer accessory and are just as important for the health of our eyes as they are as a fashion accessory. When purchasing sunglasses be sure to purchase a pair that is comfortable for your head and the bridge of your nose. And have fun with it! Fun and funky sunglasses can make an outfit shine. 

5. A Fun Hat. Hats are such a fun way to dress an outfit for summer. Whether you like wide-brim hats or baseball caps, hats are an accessory that adds extra style to any look and helps keep our faces shaded from UV rays. When purchasing a summer hat, be sure to get a style that you know you will wear often. And don't be afraid to try new things! If you have always wanted to try a wide-brimmed straw hat, this is the summer to do it. 

6. The Perfect Sandals. It's time to pull out all those summer sandals. Once you find the perfect pair of sandals you will wear them all summer long. When purchasing summer sandals, be sure to get your correct size for a comfortable and safe fit for your foot. I have learned that when it comes to shoes, it is worth it to spend a little more on a high quality pair as they will most likely be much more comfortable and have good arch support. 


I hope this summer you get to fully express yourself through your style. Remember to try new things, and have fun with your fashion! Want to know what your style says about you? Click Here to take our style quiz and find out!