Top 5 Tips to Keep up with Your Favorite Shows This Fall

It’s nearing that time of the year again...the end of summer. For some, school is started up again in mid August. Others are running low on vacation hours at work. Now that our schedules are starting to get scrunched with responsibilities, how are we supposed to keep up with all the new and exciting shows set to release in the Fall?

Have no fear! Here are 5 tips that will help you keep up with the shows this fall that you absolutely can’t miss.

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Designate One Show (Or Episode) to a Day of the Week.

Fighting the urge to binge can be difficult. But with all that extra time we once had in the summer gone, a 12 hour-watch session probably isn’t ideal on a school or work night. It might help to break up each show or episode and set them to one day of the week. (It will be like a schedule...for your shows!)

Dividing up the shows you watch within the week will allow you to get in small doses of your favorite shows, but by the end of that week you’ll hopefully have seen what you had set out to watch. Instead of doing your twelve hours in one go, spread that out between Monday and Friday.

And then...on the weekend you can binge to your heart's content. (As long as you don’t have work on those days!)

Watch An Episode In the Background During Your Daily Routine

Watch An Episode In the Background During Your Daily Routine.

I get it, though. A lot of us have responsibilities that make it hard to sit down for 30 minutes to an hour and watch. One way to get around that is to multitask and have those shows run in the background as you do your thing.

First thing in the morning, while you get ready for school or work, flip the tube on and play an episode while you get dressed. Do the same whenever you’re doing chores or cooking. You’ll still be absorbing that content, second hand at the very least. And whenever you hear something important happening in the show, take a quick moment to look up and catch it.

Fall TV Shows

Watch A Show Or Episode on Your Lunch Break.

The cool thing about living with today’s technology is that we technically have TVs in our pockets. Take advantage of that smartphone and whip it out during your lunch break to catch up on a show.

Some of us have one hour to watch, which is perfect for most shows. If you only have 30 minutes, then watch one half of the episode during lunch, and the rest of it when you get home later on that day.

If you don’t have a phone that has show apps, try using a nearby computer with WiFi. Just be sure to tell your boss or librarian that you’re at lunch though!


Record/Queue An Episode and Watch When You Can.

If you have a DVR set at home, then you can record shows while you’re away at school or work and catch up when you’re back. Or for you bingers out there, you can record as many shows as you want throughout the week and watch them all on the weekend if you have the free time!

No DVR? No worries! A lot of us nowadays are mainly getting our content through streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. To help manage what episode you’re on, try adding shows to your queue to help remind you which shows you’ve missed, and watch whenever you get the chance.

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Watch Together.

You know what usually helps you get through when the going gets tough? Someone that’s going through the same struggle as you. (And missing shows is the struggle here in this article!)

Getting with a friend or family member, and setting time aside to watch together is another great tip to keep up with your shows. Having someone else to bond over a show with will in turn remind you to watch. They’ll get you talking about those shows during your daily grind, and ideally will give you a chance to spend time with your loved ones while doing something that you both enjoy.