Top 10 Drinks to Serve at Your Super Bowl Party: From Beer to Soft Drinks to Wine

In less than a week, sports fans will enjoy the biggest football celebration of the year: the Super Bowl! This means it’s finally time to plan that Super Bowl party and share your favorite appetizers, drinks, and party decor.

No Super Bowl party would be complete without unique, flavorful beverages that offer variety for your guests and a memorable experience. Read on for our top 10 drinks to serve at your Super Bowl party.

Best beers for the Super Bowl

Beer & Cider

Lost Coast Tangerine

Lost Coast Tangerine drips with fresh citrus notes and lingers with a hint of honey wheat. This brew is light and easy to drink and boasts a robust yet delicate flavor combination. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of appetizers and is the perfect sip to start off any party.

Ol’ Republic Celtic Red

Unique and smooth, the Ol’ Republic Celtic Red is creamy and rich with a brown sugar-maple aroma. This Red Irish Ale pairs nicely with sliders and homemade oven fries for a game day drink that is unexpected and full of warm flavor.


You can’t go wrong with good old Guinness. The Irish Stout is known all over the world for its rich flavor, deep dark color, and the perfect amount of creaminess. End the day in perfection with a freshly poured Guinness float for a fun beer-friendly dessert option.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

This unconventional beer option is best known for its rich, sweet flavor and nostalgic root beer taste. Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a hard root beer that can be sipped on by itself, or paired with sweet and spicy appetizers. This beer is on the sweeter side and will most definitely be enjoyed by your guest with the sweet tooth.

Golden State Cider Gingergrass

Gold State Cider Gingergrass is a tasty and unique addition to the drink table with a ginger and lemongrass fusion that packs a delicate punch of zesty flavor. This hard cider is made with 100% fresh-pressed apple juice and is fermented with Champagne yeast. Pair with sushi rolls or a veggie ceviche for a unique game day treat.

soft drinks 4.png

Soft Drinks

La Croix Sparkling Water

La Croix is a party favorite with various flavors and easy pick up from almost any grocery store. Pick a couple different flavors that will compliment your appetizers, such as La Croix Lime with chips and salsa, or La Croix Coconut with spring rolls. You can even make your own drink mixing station with a couple different La Croix flavored sparkling waters, some fresh fruit, your favorite hard liquor, and fruit juice.

Trader Joe’s Ginger Brew

We love Trader Joe’s tangy, spicy, and oh so gingery Ginger Brew. This ginger brew features all of your traditional elements with powerful ginger packed flavor that is pungent and refreshing. This ginger brew pairs nicely with Asian-fusion style appetizers such as potstickers and fried veggie rolls.

Homemade Flavored Water.png

Flavored Water

Our list wouldn't be complete without the most refreshing drink of all...water! Don’t forget to stay hydrated on game day in-between those freshly fried appetizers and tasty bottles of beer. If you like to make your water more interesting, infuse your water with fruits and herbs such as strawberries, mint, and lime for a customized blend of your favorite flavors. Simply cut up your ingredients, place them in a pitcher, fill the pitcher with water, and serve!

Best Wine for the Super Bowl


La Crema Chardonnay Monterey

La Crema’s Chardonnay Monterey is a lovely light refreshing wine which any palate can enjoy. The Chardonnay boasts pineapple and floral notes along with a refreshing tang of acidity which is best experienced when paired with food. Pair this wine with a plate of cheese, nuts, and fruit for an elegant spread that is simple and easy. Widely Available.

Selby Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Selby’s Russian River Valley Chardonnay presents a delicate blend of butterscotch and tang for a perfect full-bodied flavor. For your guests who enjoy the finer things in life, Selby offers exquisite wines that have even been served in the White House! Delicious and affordably priced, Selby’s Chardonnay stands perfectly on its own or can be paired with light appetizers. Order directly from Selby Winery.