5 Ways to Save During the Holidays

Let the holiday shopping begin! During this festive season spending extra money is easy and even expected as we purchase gifts, host dinner parties, and turn up the heaters. Here are 5 simple ways to save during the holidays.

Shop Your Closet

1. shop your closet

Instead of purchasing a new outfit for every holiday party, shop your closet! Shopping your closet for holiday outfits is not only a great way to save, but it is also a fun way to be creative with what you have. Try pairing a black dress with a colorful scarf, or wear a fancy top with jeans and those over-the-top shoes you have. Be creative! As long as you feel beautiful and confident, any look can be perfect for the holidays.

Shop The Sales

2. shop the sales

Many retailers offer large discounts and sales during the holiday season giving you the opportunity to save big! The best way to shop the sales is to sign up for your favorite retailer’s email list. You will receive an email every time there is a new deal in the store or new merchandise coming in. And when the holiday season is over, feel free to unsubscribe from these email lists if you like to keep your inbox less cluttered.

Be Conscious

3. write down what you spend

Just being aware of what you are spending can actually save you money. It helps prevent overspending, gives peace of mind, and makes sure you know exactly what you spent on each person, party, and gift. Use a booklet, checkbook, or app where you can easily write down everything you spend. We recommend using a booklet or app that is easily accessible and easy to use so writing down your purchases is quick and simple.

Set a Gift Budget

4. set a gift budget

Setting a budget for gifts is a great way to save and a fun shopping challenge! Set a budget for each person you are purchasing gifts for and try to stay as close to that budget as possible. Do some comparison shopping to find the lowest prices on items and check places like Amazon.com and Target.com for items being sold at a discounted rate. This might require a little more effort but offers a huge payoff in the end when you know everyone has received something they love, and you did not break the bank.

Use a Cash Back Website

5. use a cash back website

There are many websites that offer cashback for online purchases from a large variety of retailers. If you do a lot of online shopping, these website are a great way to save a little extra money with minimal effort. One of our favorite cashback websites is Coupon Cabin. Go to couponcabin.com and make a profile (it’s free), pick the retailer you want to shop at, and start shopping!

We hope these 5 ways to save during the holidays gives you peace of mind this holiday season. We wish you the happiest of holidays surrounded by all the people you love.