5 Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy During the Holidays

It’s the holiday season! With family coming into town and gatherings with our friends and loved ones, our homes are in constant use...and in constant need of cleaning. But who wants to spend their holidays cleaning? Here are 5 tips to keep your home tidy during the holidays so you can do less cleaning and more celebrating.

Keep decorations in clusters.png

1. keep decorations in clusters

Keeping decorations in a few key areas such as the living room coffee table, mantel, bathroom, and dining table keeps a neat appearance while still feeling decorated, and most importantly it cuts down on the time you have to spend making sure everything is staying in it's place and clean.

Get a professional house cleaning_.png

2. get a professional house cleaning

Using a professional house cleaning service every once in awhile can be very helpful, especially during the holidays when more people are walking in and out of your home. Get a one time cleaning and then maintain that cleaning by wiping down the counters when you cook, sweeping after meals, and not letting food and stains sit.


3. do a light dusting

Just a light dusting can make your home sparkle! Dust can collect quickly during the holidays with more decorations out and more lights lit than usual. Remember to dust ornaments and media centers. These will collect dust the quickest and just need a light swish of the duster to shine.

Have a designated clean space.png

4. designate a clean space

Use one or two spaces in your home as designated clean spaces, meaning every night or morning you put your effort into keeping these spaces clean instead of worrying about the whole house. This is very helpful when guests are coming over as you know there is always one space in your home that is clean and tidy and ready for relaxation and/or company. This also creates less mind clutter as you can rest assured knowing that at least one space in your home is always tidy.

Put Shoes Away.png

5. put shoes away

Putting shoes in a closet can make your room go from messy and cluttered to clean and tidy. Putting your shoes in a closet right away when you get home is a great way to keep up this habit. If this is something difficult for you and your family to remember to do, get a cute bench by the door that hides the shoes while functioning as a shoe rack.

We hope your holiday season is filled with hours of laughter and love, and that life long happy memories will be created in your beautiful home. Happy Holidays!