INSPIRE: Robindira Unsworth

Robindira Unsworth is the founder and creative director of Robindira Unsworth Jewelry. Robindira has experienced multiple careers and paths in her journey, allowing herself to follow where her passions would lead. Because of her courage and determination, she took a leap of faith 16 years ago to start her own business and pursue her creativity. Robindira's jewelry is now carried in 250 retailers worldwide with a storefront in Petaluma, California. Robindira is a true inspiration and empowers us to follow our hearts and to never give up. 

Robindira's 10 outfits are a reflection of her luxurious and relaxed style, with natural fabrics and comfortable silhouettes. We hope these looks inspire you to be uniquely you and encourage you to explore how your fashion can represent and express who you are. 

10 Pieces: Striped Dress . Blue Jeans . Linen Pants . Jean Jacket . White Blouse . Sleeveless Blouse . Grey Printed Blouse . Heeled Sandals . Black Shoes . Brown Flat Sandals