INSPIRE: The Moon Room

Desiree and Cynthea are owners of The Moon Room, a full service salon that focuses on solutions and products that are organic, ethical, sustainable, and affordable. As young entrepreneurs, Cynthea and Desiree are a courageous sister-team who have created a space where everyone is welcomed and valued. Their passion for using their expertise in the beauty industry to make this world a better place is an inspiring reminder of how each of us, no matter our profession, can make an impact. 

Desiree and Cynthea's outfits represent their bohemian style with flowing fabrics, floral prints, and delicate details. We hope these looks inspire you to shop your closet, pull out your favorite pieces, and wear something that makes you feel amazing. 

20 Pieces: 5 Dresses . 2 Skirts . 2 Jumpsuits . Overalls . Shorts Under Yellow Dress . 2 Tops . 6 Pairs of Shoes . Hat



INSPIRE is a monthly editorial highlighting inspiring women and men in the community with fashion as its backdrop. Be inspired and watch the stories of women and men who are changing their own lives as well as the lives of the people around them. In this editorial the fashion highlight shines upon 10 different outfits created with just 10 fashion pieces, stimulating creativity and simplicity.