INSPIRE: Kara Powell

Kara Powell is passionate about living a life of health and joy while helping others do the same. After experiencing a health scare three years ago, Kara's life will never be the same. Kara has overcome many obstacles including depression and severe OCD in order to become the person she is today. Kara is a student, an inspiration, and an overcomer and her journey reminds us that we can do the impossible.

Kara's 10 outfits are a reflection of her relaxed style and fun personality with unique accessories and breezy pieces. We hope these looks inspire you to embrace your sense of style and be bold in expressing who you are through fashion. 

10 Pieces: Black Dress . Blue Jeans . Black Jeans . Grey Blouse . Sleeveless Blouse . Vest . Hat . Necklace . Black Flats . Sneakers



INSPIRE is a monthly editorial highlighting inspiring women and men in the community with fashion as its backdrop. Be inspired and watch the stories of women and men who are changing their own lives as well as the lives of the people around them. In this editorial the fashion highlight shines upon 10 different outfits created with just 10 fashion pieces, stimulating creativity and simplicity.