INSPIRE: Jana Contreras

Jana Contreras is an overcomer. A professional photographer and world traveler, Jana has lived a different life than most, enduring multiple health difficulties and chronic illness from a young age. Yet, despite having to learn to walk again at the age of 16, and going through numerous surgeries, Jana has changed her future and inspires those around her to see their worlds through hope. Jana's journey reminds us to live life to the fullest, treasure each moment, and create joy for our tomorrows.

Jana's outfits are simple and elegant, a reflection of her of down to earth style and contemporary design sense. After visiting Africa and experiencing some of the culture there, Jana was inspired by the simplicity of living and dressing and carried this into her own closet. 

10 Pieces: 2 Dresses . Jeans . Overalls . Sweater . Blouse . Jacket . 2 Pairs of Shoes . Hat

Scar pictures in video by @abiqphoto