INSPIRE: Jordyn Wagner

Jordyn Wagner is our very special INSPIRE model for the months of September and October. Jordyn is a walking miracle and has been battling Lyme Disease for most of her life. She has found herself in and out of the hospital with seizures, excess brain fluids, heart problems, and cancer, and though Jordyn isn't living the life she thought she would have years ago, she is living the life she is passionate about now. Jordyn's journey with Lyme Disease continues, yet she actively pursues her dreams and her outlook on life is brighter than ever.

Please join our GoFundMe campaign for Jordyn Wagner as we raise funds to help her and her family pay for years and years of medical expenses that have helped save Jordyn's life so she can be the beautiful, smiling, and amazing miracle she is.

10 Pieces

Black Dress . Jean Dress . Jeans . Yellow Blouse . Blue Blouse . Lace Blouse . Vest .  Scarf . Boots . Flats


INSPIRE is a monthly editorial highlighting inspiring women and men in the community with fashion as its backdrop. Be inspired and watch the stories of women and men who are changing their own lives as well as the lives of the people around them. In this editorial the fashion highlight shines upon 10 different outfits created with just 10 fashion pieces, stimulating creativity and simplicity.