The Lunch Box: Kid-Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Budget-Friendly

As we approach a new school year it’s time to start thinking about packing lunches again. Packing a meal for the children that we love and care for takes time and thought and is so important. All of the intent that goes into the lunch box will nurture the flourishing minds and bodies of the children that surround us.

Everyday we are flooded with so many advertisements and messages about how we should feed our young ones. As a parent, teacher, or caregiver it can feel like an overwhelming challenge to decide how to shop and prepare food for the ones we want to nourish.

Just as important as the food we pack, is the box that we pack it in! With healthful and nutrient dense meals as a priority there are three ideas that I keep in mind when picking a lunch box. I want it to be kid-friendly, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly. Below are just a few ideas for some great products to encourage you as you pursue these three principals.

No. 1 The DIY Box

Making your own lunch box can be incredibly fun and cost effective. By using mason jars, recycled glass sauce jars or even used baby food canisters, you can create a reusable lunch set that can be carried in any type of bag or box.

Kid-Friendly: Your child can participate in sourcing and even decorating their jars. You can custom pick your own jars to fit the types of nourishing foods your kiddo loves to eat.

Eco-Friendly: If you are reusing your canisters, you are giving new meaning to items that would normally not be in use. Also by using glass you are eliminating the potentially harmful effects of plastics.

Budget-Friendly: When using mason jars, you can pack leftovers, fresh produce, and items that are more affordable in bulk. Also the initial cost of purchasing a lunch box is minimal.

Fun hint: If you are committed to this lunch box style, I suggest these BNTO products from CUPPOW that will take your DIY box to the next level.

No. 2 

The Experience Box

For some people shopping for a lunch box that they love and feel represents them is a priority. When you are shopping encourage your child to move toward the colors and styles that they enjoy. It’s fun to take time to discuss options and guide them through their myriad of choices.

Kid-Friendly: Encourage your child to think about the type of box and whether it will be the best one to pack the foods that they like. Help them understand what choices they have.

Eco-Friendly: Shopping for a lunch box is a great time to bring up conversation about being kind and conscious toward our earth. You can help them understand which options are thoughtful towards the environment.

Budget-Friendly: Deciding on a budget before shopping can be very helpful. Shopping with a budget in mind can actually even help us have a better idea of what we are looking for and what we value in a product.

Fun hint: If you want to go shopping for a lunch box, I highly recommend the Bentgo boxes. They are fabulous little compartment boxes ideal for a healthful balanced meal. They come in many colors and are sold at department stores like Target.

No. 3 The Long-Term Investment Box

If you are looking for a box that will last you a long time, be versatile and will not go out of style, I highly recommend getting a stainless steel box. These are sturdy and easy to clean and use. They are very sustainable and are free of chemicals. A box never loses its charm, so students can use it in elementary school and beyond to high school.

Kid-Friendly: Stainless steel boxes, like the PlanetBox, have great compartments so that food doesn’t mix together. They come in multiple sizes.

Eco-Friendly: These stainless steel options are super friendly to the earth. When we use these products we can avoid plastics. Also, when you pack your own fresh lunch in a steel box, you are eliminating tons of waste, whereas a typical lunch has several items wrapped in paper and plastic wrapping.

Budget-Friendly: Although the PlanetBox, like similar long term investment items, comes as a slightly higher price tag, it is built to last so that you only have to buy one instead of buying a new box every year. Another great thing about quality products like these is that they typically come with a warranty.

Hint: The PlanetBox is a great investment, this product even comes with a 5-year warranty!