Take Control of Your Finances Without Feeling Deprived

Finances can be one of the most difficult areas of life to control and fully understand. So many people tell us “you need to make your money work for you” or, “you have to live with no fun if you want to save money”, or maybe it’s the opposite and we are being told “YOLO”!

Whatever our financial pasts are, whether we grew up poor and never went on vacation, or grew up having our parents put us through college, we must at some point in time take control of our own personal finances.

Yes, this sounds like HEAVY adulting and you would be right! But thanks to a fun, quirky, and very money savvy financial expert, this huge task of managing our finances and actually making our money work for us can become a little less daunting.

Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together...Finally written by financial expert journalist Nicole Lapin, is a witty, honest, and educational book that lays out a 12-step plan to financial success. Lapin covers all areas of finances including how to get out of debt and pay down credit cards, how to make a budget (which she lovingly refers to as a spending plan), how to save for retirement and invest your money, she even answers in depth the age-old question of buying a home versus renting.

One of the main reasons Lapin’s approach to financial success is so digestible, is because she does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to money management. One of the first steps Lapin suggests her readers do is to write out your life goals. She does this because she understands that not everyone’s life goals will be the same, and therefore your financial goals will also not be the same. One person may value travel more than purchasing a house within the next 10 years, another person might want to retire early. Whatever our goals are, Lapin helps us understand what our financial situation needs to be now, and later, if we want to reach the goals we have set.

Lapin does give examples of what your spending plan might look like, but she is careful to communicate that it is an example that needs to be personalized to your own situation and lifestyle. And no, she does not say you must give up your morning coffee in order to become financially successful! Instead she helps us understand how to set reasonable and achievable financial goals that include having some fun money, even while getting our finances in order.

So, if you are ready to take the next steps to becoming financially secure, Rich Bitch is the book for you. You will learn financial prowess, you will be empowered knowing that you can handle money well, and you will feel inspired to achieve your goals and aspirations. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Audio book version: Available on Hoopla and Audible 

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