Summer Elegance

Trendeing with Anh Dao

In honor of our #BeLOVED campaign this month's photo shoot is makeup free! 

This month's look is inspired by simplicity, contemporary design, and elegance. The black and white palette combine with the flower print palazzo pant to create a bold statement without being overwhelming. 

Anh Dao's ultra wide-leg pants and crop top feature these popular silhouettes in a sophisticated yet fun way. The wide legs lay comfortably and move freely and the crop top's V-shaped hemline and indented shoulder straps dress up an otherwise casual piece.  

Anh Dao's pieces were purchased at Target on clearance with the exception of her crop top. 

  • Floral print pants $7.48
  • Black crop top $12.99 (not from Target)
  • Spiky earrings- silver plated (ear crawler) $14
  • Strappy sandals $17.48

TOTAL = $51.95

Trendeing with Anh Dao


August is a great time to shop fashion and save big. Go to any department store during this time and you’ll most likely see endless clearance racks of summer fashion deals. The key here is shopping for “off season” items. Most stores are clearing shelf space for incoming fall inventory. This makes it prime time to save big on those favorites you’ve been eying the last couple of weeks!

-Anh Dao

Have you been wanting to try a recent fashion trend like crop tops and wide-leg pants? We hope this look inspires you to try something new and make it your own. #selfexpression