Trendeing With Maternity Wear: Girls' Night Out

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With a slimming black dress, an ultra trendy duster length vest, and heeled peep toe booties, this night out look works for everyone, whether you are expecting or not! 

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If you are unsure about wearing a form fitting outfit, a vest is a great way to add a little coverage without it being overpowering. Anh Dao's vest works perfectly with her look as it brightens up the black dress making this outfit feel more like spring. 

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This night out look comes to a budget friendly total of under $40! 

  • Dress $9.99
  • Jacket $8.98
  • Booties $19.99

TOTAL = $38.96

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A girls' night out during the third trimester of your pregnancy? No problem! Using February’s Trendeing With Maternity Wear fashion tips, I opted for a little black dress to highlight that baby bump. Yes, even in the third trimester! The jean jacket is not only trendy, but also adds contrast, texture, and movement. The booties have just enough heel to add dimension, but still low enough for total comfort for that downtown walk and a night out with your favorite girls.

-Anh Dao

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