Golden Shimmer

Holiday Outfits

It's time to pull out that holiday wear! This month's holiday outfit features interesting textures and golden shimmers, perfect for every festivity and dinner party. The furry vest is cozy and comfortable and the bright gold earrings are simple and sophisticated.

holiday outfits

Anh Dao's holiday look is budget-friendly and under $60! 

  • Stockings $3.99
  • Earrings $5.48
  • Dress $15.99
  • Vest $8.98
  • Boots $25.00

TOTAL = $59.44

holiday outfits


It can be tempting to purchase things for yourself while shopping for friends and family this holiday season. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you budgeted for. Try shopping your own closet (check out November’s saving tip), but in a strategic way. Take a little time to plan ahead for the different events you’ll be attending. Whether it be a fancy Christmas dinner, or a casual New Year’s gathering. Know the kind of event you’ll be attending and style the perfect outfit from your closet. Set it aside until you are ready to wear it. Not only will this make it a stress free and enjoyable holiday, but budget friendly too. Tis the season to be jolly. Cheers!

-Anh Dao


This holiday season, remember to dress for you. Wear your favorite pieces that make you feel beautiful and happy. We wish you the happiest of holidays spent with all the people you love.