Fall Festivities

Thanksgiving Fashion

The holiday season has arrived! Embrace the cool weather, layer on your warm clothes, and let the festivities begin. 

As the holiday season begins, our schedules quickly fill with social engagements, shopping, preparing meals, and enjoying the company of friends and family. This fanciful fall look is perfect for any event, from a night out with the girls to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving Fashion

We love the elegance, comfort, and functionality of this outfit. The dark blue dress with lace sleeves is dressed up yet simple, the patterned stockings and wedge boots add comfort and warmth, and the fluffy snow white vest is oh so holiday ready. 

Anh Dao's holiday look is festive and affordable with every piece but her stockings purchased at Target.

  • Stockings $3.99
  • Earrings $5.58
  • Dress $7.48
  • Vest $8.98
  • Booties $25.00

TOTAL = $51.03

Fall Boots


The holidays are here! Welcome to fall festivities. This time of year can mean we are spending more than usual. From gifts, to holiday decorations, to dinner parties, and the list could go on and on. One way to save this time of year is to go shopping for your holiday outfit in your own closet. Most people wear a very small percentage of items in their closet. After a while, your old clothes can become uninspiring. The trick is to mix and match! Layer different colors, patterns, and textures together to create a fun and festive outfit for your holiday wear.

-Anh Dao

Thanksgiving Fashion_47.jpg

Remember to dress for you this holiday season. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, happy, and beautiful.