Black and White Dream

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Amidst bright color palettes and bold prints peeks the classic black and white duo, waiting for the moment when we discover that these faithful neutrals are the perfect expression of our mood for the day. For some, these colors may find their way into your wardrobe often, and for others black and white may be reserved for a special occasion such as a wedding, a black tie event, or a night out on the town. This is one of the loveliest things about these colors, they are special to each wearer in a different way. 

Black and White Dream

This outfit highlights the bold elegance of pure black and white. The pieces are simple yet unique in their details. The white vest displays a large cutout along the side and keeps a classic boyfriend silhouette. The striped dress is casual and trendy and almost creates a print-on-print look with the many laces of the black sandals. 

Anh Dao's black and white pieces were purchased from various retailers with the vest purchased at Target.

  • White vest $8.98 
  • Striped dress $12.99
  • Sandals $24.99

TOTAL = $46.96


Target’s clearance racks are the perfect place to get all your seasonal trendey items, while not breaking the bank. Because trends usually last about a season or up to a year, it’s much easier to let an item go if you only spent half the price or less. With Target’s user friendly Cartwheel app, you can stack savings on top of the already low clearance prices. Go ahead and get something for yourself, without the guilt of a big investment!

-Anh Dao

Black and White Dream

We hope this look inspires you to use your black and white basics in ways that bring you joy and make you feel beautiful.